Volkswagen Chair

Automobile chairs It’s all about a chair that’s also a car type these days; this office chair employs the same technology as an electric vehicle. Forget about standing workstations and ergonomic seats; they are so previous year. VW may not have received approval for use on public roads, but who cares—you can still enjoy driving without having to worry about traffic or speed restrictions. A gaming chair is useless unless it honks, plays music, and has blinkers. I’m not interested. You may honk at your obnoxious coworker or put on your blinkers to let your employer know that you’re ready to go for the day.



supernova Why don’t you simply head home and leave your girlfriend behind while you’re at it if you’re pulling through at a party and you have a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t look like the evil guy in every robot movie or video game? a Supernova You can use it as a flashlight lantern thing so that if you’re running through the woods from a killer or the Blair Witch you can play your horror soundtrack. It also mimics a campfire—actually, it mimics a foxy lady campfire—which will draw a real campfire to it. Nothing is more awesome than drowning out the sounds of nature with your taste in music—everyone will love you for it. Your campground, gentlemen, is bada bing.

Vesta Candle Warmer Lamp

Vesta Candle Warmer Lamp

Candle warmer lamp by Vesta The Vesta candle warmer lamp will heat any candle without a flame and attract any surrounding reptiles, so ideally you enjoy candles or lizards since you’re getting one of them. This heat lamp is a torture device for little wax people as well as a candle melter and also a candle torture device. This device saves waste by using up all the wax. It includes a little dial that you can twist and spin, provide a purple glow, and adjust a variety of settings. It is hotter than my ex-anger. wife That smells like it from here.

Novium Edge & Shuttleport

novum port with edge and shuttle These products, which are space-themed, are literally out of this world. If you’ve ever had to open a letter or put a paper clip on something and thought, “Man, why can’t I be in outer space opening a letter or putting a paper clip on something,” then we’ve got some good news for you. The edge is a multi-tool that can serve as a letter opener, box cutter, and ruler. It also has a magnetic base that allows it to stand at a is a paper clip holder designed to look like a space station. It comes with paper clips in the shape of shuttles that can be magnetized to the holder. Who are the potential customers for these astronaut secretaries? the stenographers of Mars Whether or whether Star Trek actors still utilized paper

1or2 Luggage

a single or two bags I mean, this luggage has retractable wheels, so I’m amazed it hasn’t already received a Nobel Prize. This is ideal if you’re going away for one or two days since it is referred to as “one or two baggage” rather than “one or two days luggage.” After all, who needs a suitcase for one or two days? child runaways It’s so strange that you can charge your electronics in your pocket, hide your money in your pocket, put a laptop in your pocket, and time travelers who travel in increments of one or two days find my father in a pocket, put an umbrella in there, and then wait. Do you still reside there after 12 years, Dad?

Feiyu Pocket 3

three pockets This is not just a handheld camera; it’s also an action camera, so you can attach it to all kinds of crazy stuff like a helmet, skateboard, or BMX bike. And let’s not forget about the slow-motion mode; who doesn’t love slow-motion? It’s like regular motion but slower. But the real magic of the feiyu pocket 3 is in its smart feature. Finally, I can show the world a shaky video of me struggling up a hill a panoramic mode and face is tracking for objects. elapsed time Motion hyper-lapse and lapse Although half of those terms seem amazing, I have no idea what they signify.

Emake3D Galaxy 1

Emake3D Galaxy 1

Here we go, fellow 3D printer enthusiasts. With the make 3D Galaxy one, calibration is no longer necessary due to the permanent leveling feature, and the auto resin feeding system ensures that you’ll never worry about running out of resin in the middle of a print. Additionally, the smart touchscreen interface makes operating the printer simple so you can concentrate on your creations. the ideal example With its enormous printing surface, you can finally make the life-size body pillow duplicate of your favorite anime character or the enormous statue of yourself that you’ve always wanted. Just sit back and relax and let the printer handle the job while you binge. watch your preferred Netflix program


Who wouldn’t want a device that could hold up their phone, open a bottle, and protect them from assailants all in one little package? It’s like Batman’s utility belt without the bothersome moral duties. What if you unintentionally use the incorrect function? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night. Was it some board engineer who wanted to test how many random functions he could stuff onto a single device? Or was it a gang of survivalists who wanted to be prepared for any scenario?


Hypershell I don’t know if it scares me more to use one or see someone else using one, especially if they started chasing me, but they say that if you can’t run quickly, just strap on a robot exoskeleton that’ll do it for you. The hyper shell is like Iron Man’s suit but for runners. I don’t know why any of us should have to rely on our weak legs anymore. Just give me an electric scooter.


Neo ruler is a crazy ruler with all the configurable scales you could need with a resolution that is so accurate you can use it to measure your paper. It’s like the ruler version of a Swiss army knife. Neo ruler seems like something out of The Matrix, isn’t it? Morpheus would give it to Neo and instruct him to use it as a measuring tool. How Far The Rabbit Hole Stretches, and let me tell you, that digital display is like having a small robot helper that is constantly there to tell you how long anything is. I guess you could even program it to say that’s what she said whenever you measure something strange.

MindLax Sleeping Mat

The MindLax Sleeping Mat is perfect for anyone who wants to elevate their sleep. It’s comparable to upgrading from a basic flip phone to the newest iPhone, except that instead of making calls, it improves sleep by letting you lay down on it while it creates sound waves that massage your body. In addition to aiding in relaxation and sleep, it can also be used for yoga and meditation. Even if I live in a little flat in the heart of the city, I want to feel like I’m sleeping in a rainforest. I want to be able to say, “Well, this old thing, it’s just my smart sleep.” No huge thing, Matt, and thanks for watching. the most recent and best in Cool Tech Keep up with the newest tech news and trends by subscribing to our channel. If you have any questions or comments regarding the video, be sure to post them in the comments area below.

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